Use SMARTLINK – Atlas Copco’s remote monitoring system – to detect issues, save energy, and ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation of both your compressors and production lines.

Achieve total data visibility

SMARTLINK is a compressor monitoring program that provides a comprehensive understanding of your site’s compressed air production through complete data insight.

Email warnings automatically

SMARTLINK program collects, analyzes, and compares data in real-time after installation. It sends email or text message notifications whenever necessary.

Avert unplanned downtime

SMARTLINK enables intelligent evaluation of your compressed air systems’ performance, helping you prevent unscheduled downtime and repair expenses.

Choosing the SMARTLINK Remote Monitoring

If your compressed air equipment lacks connectivity, it becomes necessary to make periodic visits to the compressor room to manually check the status of your equipment. Additionally, you will need to maintain a logbook to keep track of running hours and service requirements. However, with the SMARTLINK program, you can eliminate these cumbersome tasks as it gathers and analyses data in real-time, providing complete transparency into the performance of your compressed air systems. By minimizing administrative burdens, SMARTLINK helps increase day-to-day efficiency, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks.

You can select one of three SMARTLINK levels to customize the amount of information you receive.

  • SMARTLINK Service: Quickly access the online service logbook and request quotes for parts and additional services.
  • SMARTLINK Uptime: Receive email or text message alerts for any warnings that require your attention.
  • SMARTLINK Energy: Obtain tailored reports on the energy efficiency of your compressor room, compliant with ISO 50001.

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