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Configure your interface and receive the information as per your need and adjust your vacuum system to specific requirements.

Plug and play systems

Your system is up and running with a simple connection via ethernet cable. No special software, complicated wiring or installation are required.

Atlas Copco’s quality assurance

With a presence in India since 1960, Atlas Copco is the undisputed industry leader in manufacturing and distributing vacuum pumps.

Our Accessories & Controllers

Accessories & Controllers for both machine-specific and centralised systems. See more.

HEX@™ Controller

HEX@™ is Atlas Copco Vacuum Solution’s new evolution in vacuum pump control. HEX@™ allows your pumps to be truly plug and play and goes a step further by allowing you to integrate and connect them to the level you require, based on the demands of your process.

HEX@GRID™ Controller

HEX@GRID™ leverages the powerful capabilities of HEX@™, Atlas Copco’s new controller to help you optimize operations, save energy and maintenance costs and offer you Industry 4.0 smart connectivity.

Valves, Separators, Filters, Gauges, tanks

Protection is key in designing vacuum installations. Atlas Copco can provide you with key components that can complement your vacuum pump system. Most of your attention will inevitably go to the inlet (or air intake) side of your vacuum pump. But you should not forget other steps in the process.

The VSD⁺ App – Remotely control your vacuum pump

The app automatically connects via an integrated Bluetooth interface as soon as the pump is started. Once the desired parameters are entered into the smartphone, you can visualize performance data and settings in real time.


To ensure peak efficiency and uptime of your compressed air equipment, use SMARTLINK – Atlas Copco’s remote monitoring system for real-time data on performance, issues, and energy savings.

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