Air compressor audit

AIRScan is a comprehensive audit of your entire compressed air installation, including energy input, air flow demand, system pressure, air quality, pressure drops, and more, over a significant period.

Save up to 30% off your costs

We use unique compressor audit software to simulate different compressed air installation configurations, providing accurate energy saving projections.

Energy efficiency

Air compressor audit, offers a reliable analysis and actionable insights for energy efficiency and potential energy savings.

Comprehensive report

Our audit report provides a summary for decision-makers, as well as an in-depth evaluation of problems and solutions for your technicians.

Choosing the air compressor audit (AIRScan)

The AIRScan audit report offers a comprehensive evaluation of your compressed air installation, providing valuable insights for both decision-makers and technical personnel. Our proprietary audit software allows us to simulate different configurations of your system, providing a detailed analysis of potential energy savings and other benefits. The report includes a clear summary of the findings and recommendations for addressing any issues identified during the audit, as well as a breakdown of the environmental and financial benefits that can be achieved through implementing the suggested solutions.

Here is what AIRScan can do:

  • AIRScan Energy Audit: Our energy audit measures system parameters without stopping production, using proprietary software to simulate different compressed air configurations.
  • AIRScan Vibration Analysis: Vibration analysis prevents costly breakdowns by monitoring compressor elements, gearboxes, couplings, drive trains, and other rotating components.
  • AIRScan Air Quality: Using advanced tools, our air quality analysis checks the purity of the compressed air and provides a comprehensive report with recommendations to help achieve the desired air quality.
  • AIRScan Leak Detection: Acoustic camera detects 40% more leaks than traditional tools, at double the speed. RePress fixes leaks without dismantling pipes or couplings.

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