Optimizer 4.0

Optimizer 4.0 maximizes energy savings and keeps the units in good running condition with a proactive approach to maintenance through online monitoring. It compliments already efficient compressors and blowers.

Energy Saving

Maximize VSD energy savings by using a central controller to regulate the VSD according to varying demand and avoid fixed speed machines running unnecessarily.

Energy efficiency

When you combine multiple units with the Optimizer 4.0, the load will be distributed evenly among your compressors and blowers, hence equalising their running hours.

Connect all systems

The Optimizer 4.0 is the solution to connect your compressors, blowers and dryers to be monitored and analyzed through LAN or via a cloud-based monitoring system.

Choosing the Optimizer 4.0

The advanced design of Optimizer 4.0 not only ensures a longer lifespan of the machines but also guarantees a stable and reliable application with high uptime. With its intelligent features, the Optimizer 4.0 is specifically designed to achieve significant energy savings in low-pressure and medium-pressure applications. Its sophisticated algorithms continuously monitor the system and automatically adjust the compressor’s output to match the actual demand, thereby avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. This ensures that the compressed air system operates at optimal efficiency while minimizing energy wastage, resulting in reduced operating costs and improved environmental sustainability.

Here is what is Optimizer 4.0 can do:

  • Setpoint control: Optimizer 4.0 integrates applications controlled by pressure or flow setpoint, and regulates multiple machines and airnets based on both pressure and flow.
  • Control modes: Optimizer 4.0 adjusts to compressed air & flow demands with multiple control modes. Apply different modes to compressor & blower groups within a profile for group management.
  • Optimize systems: Maximize energy savings with non-Atlas Copco machines using Interface Module for fixed screw compressors and Interface Box for VSD and turbo compressors.

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